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For nearly 100 years, UAP has been a trusted part provider in the Automotive and Heavy Vehicle industries. This makes for a special kind of workplace. We have the experience and strength of our legacy and the drive to serve our clients always better.


Our history

Our legacy inspires us to always do better.


Auto Parts Division

We sell, distribute and market replacement parts and supplies for cars and light trucks.



Heavy Vehicle Parts Division

We cater to the trucking and construction sectors, as well as the mining and forest industries.

Excellence Initiative Professionalism Commitment :
Want to know if the hat fits?

  • Do you usually take calculated risks, foresee the consequences of actions, and plan and execute work realistically and with precision?
  • Do you seek to improve work methods, question established rules and practices, suggest innovative solutions to problems and propose progressive ideas? Are you able to defend your ideas, be open to suggestions and implement them?
  • Are you on time for meetings, do you listen to others and respect their opinions, give credit where credit is due and acknowledge mistakes? Do you feel responsible for expected results, take appropriate action and react positively to challenges and pressure?
  • Do you participate in creating a climate of trust and show enthusiasm for everything you do? Do you readily share ideas and information? Are you excited to impact, motivate, and provide clear and regular feedback to those involved in achieving results?
  • Do you wish to work in an environment where all team members’ health, safety, and well-being are priorities?


If you answered yes, we would be proud to have you carry our name!


The health and safety of all our employees are one of our major concerns. The management of UAP Inc. is committed to providing healthy and safe working conditions and promoting positive attitudes towards health and safety within our company.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve daily, we adapt our ways and modify some of our usual practices to ensure everyone’s safety and limit the virus propagation. We are going through challenges that foster uncertainty and questioning. It is important for you to know that we are taking all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our team members and their families. We reevaluate the situation regularly depending on the different government announcements and the pandemic evolution.


Our business mission is quite simple: be the Canadian leader in the sale, distribution and marketing of quality aftermarket parts and accessories for automobiles and heavy vehicles. UAP is made up of a team of qualified and motivated colleagues evolving in a dynamic environment. Our strong and dedicated team delivers exceptional service to ensure our clients’ success. It goes without saying that our reputation is rooted in our top-notch service, our ability to provide the best business solutions and our respect for commitments. We are an ally to our clients, partners and team members, accompanying them on their journey.

Caroline Tremblay

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Communications

If the hat fits, we’d be proud to have you wear it.

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