A position at the head office or in the regional offices of UAP is to chart the course of the company for the coming years.

Our head office is full of opportunities for professionals from various sectors: information technology, human resources, accounting, sales and marketing, and distribution. If you would like to support our operational teams, take part in mapping the company’s course, or positively impact the company’s future, a job at our head office or one of our regional offices is perfect for you!

UAP offers:

  • Interesting opportunities for advancement
  • Ongoing support to help you get ahead
  • Competitive benefits
  • The opportunity to positively impact the company’s future
  • National transfer opportunities

With so many different roles available at our head office and our regional offices, everyone can find the perfect fit for their skillset and aspirations. Just pick the one that suits you best!

If the hat fits, we’d be proud to have you wear it.

I'm in!