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Since its foundation in 1926, United Auto Parts Limited has carved out an enviable position in the market.

Today, UAP is known and recognized for its top-notch customer service and dynamic growth as well as for its ability to listen to its clients, partners and employees. Wearing the hat gives a sense of pride to all our team members!

Distribution centre

Our Distribution Centers are at the heart of our business. If we can’t find the part, we can’t sell it. Our team members in the DC’s are very aware of their important contribution and take their responsibilities seriously. They are essential in our operations because they make sure our parts are ready to be delivered.

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This team makes sure that we are on the ball when it comes to all things finance. With a team of over 100 professionals, they work together to equip us to make the right decisions. A great group of individuals, good with numbers and all with a variety of interests and hobbies. It is never boring when you get to chat with one of these team members.

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Human Resources

Offering the best employee experience possible is the element that guides all the decisions made by this team. They work hard to enhance policies and guidelines as well as review several of our practices. Calm and good listeners, this team of genuine individuals shines by their commitment to work together to support our community.

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Information Technology

No lack of projects for this team! The can-do attitude of their leader and the team is their trademark. From the store and end-user computing, to strategy and planning, and let’s not forget project management, delivery, infrastructure and operations; there are many positions to choose from. The variety of expertise in this team makes for a great environment to work in.

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Operational Excellence

So, you know your stuff. You have a creative side and you can challenge our practices and guidelines, so we can be better. Our teams are made up of highly spirited and friendly individuals; we want people that care about their colleagues and build strong collaborations.

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Product Development

You will find highly competent professionals that are very determined in this group. While they build on their know-how, they understand that they must always challenge themselves and be bold by making the decisions that move us forward. They shine by their ability to execute and turn on a dime.

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Sales and Marketing

These team members make sure we are top of mind for all our client segments and channels. From crafting the messages to making sure they are seen and in the right spots, this team does it all. They also manage our major special events and the relationships with our major clients. This team is perfect for someone who can be creative.

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Our store teammates take great pride in providing the best service possible to our customers. This dedicated group is very knowledgeable in car and heavy vehicle parts, depending on their specialty. They provide added value by offering the know-how that our customers have come to expect from us.

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Supply Chain

Our customers rely on the availability of our products and on-time delivery enabled by our talented Supply Chain professionals. This team ensures our stores and distribution centres have everything they need for success. This includes providing top quality products, forecasting, planning and distribution support, all with the goal of helping UAP maintain a global competitive advantage.

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Trades and Administration

This team encompasses a variety of exciting roles. They manage projects, buildings, company cars, take care of the legal aspect of our operations and more. Very organized and detail-oriented, these team members ensure things run smoothly, with the skills to solve problems swiftly.

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