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Working at UAP, what’s it like?


Discover the inspiring stories of some of our team members who have contributed to the organization’s success.

Distribution center



Warehouse worker

Since 2020



Asset Coordinator

Since 2010



Store Manager

Since 2020



Parts Handler

Since 2023



Sales Development. Specialist, Tool & Equipment

Since 2015



Account Development Specialist

Since 2015

« My name is Mike and I have been with Traction since 2015. This will be my last job before retirement and it is so nice to finish my working years in a job and Company that is truly enjoyable.
In some companies, you feel pressure which is a stressor. In this Company, performance is important, but the positive reinforcement changes the perspective from pressure to achievement, which feels so much better. Achievement is great for your personal well-being and makes you feel fulfilled. When retirement occurs, the positive mental outlook will make the adjustment so much easier. »


Specialized office clerk

Since 1985

« My name is Susan and I am currently in my 35th year with Napa. I have enjoyed a great office career in many capacities, with most of my career as the Receptionist/Accounts payable Dept. We have been fortunate in the Maritimes to have had long- term dedicated staff always willing to help each other out. Napa is like being part of a great team, a great family. »


Store Manager

Since 1986

« I started my career with UAP as a Parts Specialist in Edmonton. A few years later I was promoted Store Manager and I had the opportunity to work in different stores since then. Throughout my career with UAP I have worked with and under some of the best in the business. Every store had some amazing people in it. Associate or Corporate UAP is a great place to work. »


Store Manager

Since 2019

« I started working for NAPA Auto Parts 8 months before the pandemic started and my experience up until then was fantastic. Since then it has been even greater, the concern and care for their employees comes from the top down and it is unmistakable. I am truly glad to be a member of the NAPA Team. »



Since 2016

« The saying goes that “Everyday is a learning experience”, and during my tenure at CMAX Brampton these past six years, I have found that to be true. I am grateful to be working for a stable company and being able to provide sustainability to my family as well as being a positive and productive team member for the NAPA/CMAX family. I try to be the best person I can be each and every day and no matter what stage I am in my life and Career at NAPA/CMAX. I hope that showing compassion and perseverance will help pull others up a little bit and help us all along. NAPA/CMAX has given me these opportunities and I have truly learned something new every day. »

UAP has come a long way in the past 100 years or so

The combination of our nearly 100-year heritage and new practices make for an exciting workplace. Wherever your career takes you, there’s a place for you at UAP.

Now it’s your turn to create your own story

If you are genuine, and a team player who is fueled by results : Join us to continue to build UAP’s legacy!